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WordPress Hosting, Security + Maintenance 2021

Like most large investments, websites need some maintenance to ensure they perform properly and remain secure. If you have the ability to manage this all, that’s great, just let me know.

Why you might need help with maintaining your website:

  • You are putting your site (and investment) at risk by not keeping up with necessary software updates.
  • Without updates, your site may be at risk from hackers or malicious code.
  • Old software can slow down your site and take it down entirely during future updates if not maintained regularly.
  • If you worry that you might break your site when you are performing updates or other key maintenance tasks.
  • If you worry that you’ll lose the design of your site as you update content.
  • If you know that you don’t have time to maintain the website ongoing and would just like to trust that it’s all in hand.