Top Tips for Small Business Owners in #Lockdown2

If you don’t have e-commerce what’s the quickest way to get set up to be able to sell online:

Two options:

Use a Facebook shop. Viewers will still have to message you when they want to buy and you will be taking payment over the phone. But this will work with click and collect or delivery.


If you have the time and bandwidth and not a huge number of products, I would suggest building your own website on Shopify to allow you to sell online. You could then link the catalogue with IG and FB for social shopping.

They have lots of free templates at not much start-up costs. You do end up paying monthly, I believe.

Ideally don’t use the Shopify domain, buy your own – email me team@wildcurrant.co.uk if you don’t have a domain and we can get it for you.

Practical steps if you have a website:

  • Update your Home page and footer with new opening hours and any other message you feel appropriate
  • Regularly post to google My Business – recycling an earlier social media post, particularly if it was well-received, is fine to do here.

What about Social Media?

  • Update your social media bios – Reflect what is happening for you. Let us know how to still buy from you (if that is possible) – Make it easy for people to buy from you, add DM button, links, phone number etc
  • If you are promoting a lockdown specific service when you add the info to your Facebook page – mark it as a Covid update, it’ll alert people following you
  • Check out your content from the last Lockdown – what worked, what didn’t

So that’s Instagram and Facebooks Insights – you are looking for the posts that sent views to your Profile or your Website (Insta) and those that had the most engagement and biggest reach (FB).

Can you replicate them – it may be that you can send them out again pretty much exactly as they were back in April?

Social Media Post ideas:

  • Spread positivity, show your human side, be kind and generous, promote mental health, demonstrate that you understand your customers and you’re on their side. 
  • Keep sharing positive insights, share testimonials and top tips to ensure you stay in your clients’ thoughts post lockdown
  • Promote vouchers for use after lockdown or if the voucher is for Christmas extend the use by date to 12 months, instead of the usual 6 – hospitality and beauty industries 
  • The JustACard campaign has #indieweek running 23-27 Nov – find all the info a justacard.org
  • Look for local hashtags perhaps being supported by council/ chamber of commerce. Scotland have started local campaigns – #scotlandloveslocal but each area has its own


The Lowdown:

  • Don’t panic and suddenly run a mark down campaign – no sudden sales now – it wont give long term benefits and is more than likely to devalue your brand.
  • You MUST keep posting on Social Media – this is not the time to stop
  • Tell people about your great products, yes it feels “salesy” but you are trying to sell so you’ll have to bite the bullet

Whether you have a strategy in place;

you want to evolve and strengthen your business marketing;

or you are starting from scratch and not sure what the right next step is…

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