Small Business Website Checklist 2021 - Wildcurrant

Here is a simple small business website checklist to help you with your digital marketing in 2021

We all want Google to be able to find our websites and to rank them as highly as possible.

You will find some of the main points to consider in the list below.

Check through this list and see if you can make improvements and keep Google happy:


1. Is your website what’s known as “responsive” – i.e. on a mobile phone:

  • Does it look great?
  • Is it easy to use and with all information showing correctly?
  • To check that your website is “responsive” here is a useful tool you can use: Again, put your URL in where requested and wait for the results.

If your site is not responsive, you may be in for a rebuild. How old is your website? Is it built with WordPress? Are you still in touch with the original designer?

2. Does your website have an SSL certificate?

3. Is it quick? Do you have to hang around while it loads?

4. Do you have quality content on your website?

  • Does your website contain high quality content written only to give value and help your potential client rather than stuffed with keywords trying to get Google’s attention?

5. Do the images on your website contain Alt-text?

6. Do you have a Call to Action on every page?

Examples of calls to action could be:

  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Try for free
  • Get started
  • Learn more
  • Join us

7. Is your website connected to Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

8. Do you have a Google My Business Listing?

  • Are you encouraging positive reviews to be posted there?
  • Are you updating it regularly?

9. Do you know when your website was last backed up?

  • If you have a WordPress website is the theme, the plugins and the WordPress edition regularly updated?

10. Do you have a Facebook Business Page and might you want to run FB Ads?

  • Is the Facebook pixel installed on your website?