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“SEO is the art and science of ranking well in Google’s search results” 

SEO Audit Service from £295 

  • Can Google find (crawl) your pages?
  • Is your website loading sufficiently quickly – simply, is it fast?
  • Is it mobile friendly? In 2021, it is imperative that it is.
  • What is the quality of the on page content?

The Audit service includes: Running technical checks – indexation, redirection faults, checking broken links, missing H1& H2 titles, checks on Meta data etc.

  • Checking your website load speed –  frustrated users will bounce away from your site
  • Considering UX (user experience)
  • And we guarantee that nothing we do will be contrary to search engine best practice

Please also note that all Wildcurrant websites are built with search engines in mind.

SEO is a fluid and ever-changing discipline we work with some of our larger clients on a retainer basis, doing ongoing work on their SEO every week to ensure they stay as high as possible in the Google rankings to help as many new clients find them as possible.


Please contact me to talk about the cost of ongoing SEO which we perform under the Digital Marketing Monthly Plans