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Social Media: What to Post, When to Post It and Why


Psst! Wanna know how to get your social media posts seen?

Is this you RIGHT NOW?:

You’re fed up with spending time creating posts that produce nothing but tumbleweed 😬

You just don’t know what to post – particularly right now 😳

You’re feeling confused and frustrated with social media 🤯

Then keep reading and check out this course! 

Fine tune your skills with our courses: ‘Social Media: What to Post, When to Post It and Why’ – where we share our secret tips on how to increase engagement levels making your social media stand out and sending paying clients your way, leaving you feeling:

  • Confident that you really know what you should be posting, when and why
  • Proud of your social media platforms
  • Relaxed in the knowledge that you are doing it the RIGHT way and using social media to drive sales
  • and with more time to get on with that “proper” job of running your business

Your investment? £97 (which is such amazing value for 3 hours of online training to bring increased income into your business).

These are the 8 topics covered in this course

Why Social Media

👉Why you should be using social media to promote your business – with examples and statistics – & how to decide which platform (s) are right for you.

Your Ideal Client

👉The importance of defining your ideal client & speaking their language to encourage engagement & sales.

Your Branding

👉Advice about how to be consistent with your branding including choosing your tone of voice.

Your Audience

👉How to grow an audience who are not only interested in your product but more likely to buy on Facebook & Instagram.

Content Ideas

👉Lots of content ideas (ie what to actually post) that will increase engagement with your audience – ENGAGEMENT IS QUEEN


👉How to schedule your posts on Facebook and Instagram – & give you hours back to spend on your “real” business


👉How to make the Facebook & Instagram algorithms love your account – oh yes please!!


👉How to make sense of the insights that both Facebook & Instagram give you for free so that you can continue to do what is working for your business & bin the types of posts that aren’t!

This is an excellent course.

I can‘t tell you how many companies promise the earth, charge a fortune and deliver nothing. Your course saved us a good amount of money and my sanity. Thank you

This course was exactly what I needed! Melissa demystified Facebook and Instagram, with lots of tips on how to use them wisely to promote a small business efficiently and effectively. I’d really recommend Wildcurrant to anyone who’s feeling a bit out of their depth.

Having been dabbling in social media marketing for a short time I knew I needed a more solid knowledge as well as insider tips to help my business progress. Melissa offered this on her course and I learnt so much. Highly recommended.