Instagram Guides – How to Use them in your Small Business

The new Instagram feature gives us an easier way to share and view helpful recommendations and tips.

This will be rolled out to all users – If you don’t have access yet, sit tight! It should be coming your way soon.

How to find out if you can access Instagram Guides:

Click the + button top left of your profile screen. This will give you a drop down menu of all the options you have within Insta.

I have it currently on one account, and not the other:

Click the + sign at the top right of your profile screen which will give you the drop down menu on the left below. Choose which type of Guide you want to create.

Follow the instructions, clicking through when each part is complete – you are asked to choose the posts you want to feature and then add a title and further information and they are all pulled together as one Instagram Guide.

There are the 3 Guide options available – who they are useful for?:

  • Places: Share your location-based recommendations – small business shoutouts in your area would be brilliant here.
  • Products: Recommend your favourite products but only if they are available in an Instagram Shop.
  • Posts: Recommend posts you created or saved – make a thread of posts that you have either curated or saved with headlines and notes – so share your inspirations, your stories or provide advice – great for service and product bases businesses.

Top Tips:

  • A published guide does not appear on your grid but sits in its own ‘section’ on your profile
  • You must include a Guide ‘title’, description and title for each post before you can publish it
  • You can change the cover photo of a guide but only with one of your posts, a saved post or another image from within the guide. No uploading a pre-designed cover
  • You can tag an account in the description sections and they will receive a notification BUT you need to know their username. There’s no automatic prepopulating as with tagging accounts in your Stories, captions, comments etc
  • Accounts receive a notification when you include their post in a published guide
  • You can share a guide to your story but not like or comment on a guide

    Places Guide

    You’re only able to choose from the top posts
    You can click through to the geotagged location to explore all the usual ‘top’ and ‘recent’ posts

    Products Guide

    Applies to accounts with an active shop
    A prepopulated menu of shoppable accounts appears when you start to create the guide but you can search for others not in this list
    You don’t have to be following an account to include their products in your guide
    You can click through from the guide to view the usual ‘shoppable’ page within Instagram with the ‘view on website’ prompt

    Posts Guide

    Choose from your own posts and others you have saved including Reels and IGTVs
    If you include a shoppable post in a ‘Post Guide’ the shopping tag is removed


And don’t forget that it is easy to share Guides to your stories via the paper aeroplane icon at the top right of the screen

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