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Facebook Ads are cheaper than traditional media and you can spend as much, or as little, as you like.

You can set budgets in order to limit your spend.

Your audience is nearly 2 billion people, not limited like a newspaper, a magazine or a TV Ad.

Your customers are on Facebook (and Instagram!)

Your competitors are using FB Ads – can you afford to be left behind?

Why are Facebook ads brilliant for your business?

Facebook ads allow you to get in front of your future customers and show them exactly what you have to offer.

They are like striking up a conversation right there in their home and chatting about how you could help them?

Well, that’s exactly what Facebook ads let you do – they put you and your products in front of the right people at the right time (i.e. scrolling on the sofa with one eye on the TV too) so they can get to know you.

Here’s are four more reasons why I love Facebook (*and Instagram) ads and why I believe they could benefit your business.

Facebook Ads – The targeting is amazing

Facebook ads let you experiment with your target audience until you find the perfect people.

People aged 30-40, who like gin, holidays in Spain, and live in Herefordshire? No problem.

Women with children under 10, looking for their next school?

People who’ve just got engaged and who live within 20 miles of your venue in Shropshire? Yes.

With so many ‘interests’ to choose from you can experiment with your targeting until you know you’ve got it exactly right.

Facebook Ads: You can start – and stop – them at any time

If you’re worried that Facebook ads will eat up your budget and leave you out of pocket, relax. You don’t have to sink your entire budget into one ad and keep your fingers crossed because you pay for your ads day by day and can test what’s working

Facebook Ads – brilliant at creating FOMO

No one can resist a word of mouth endorsement

One of my favorite features about Facebook ads is that they provide a way to get your existing fans and customers to help you bring in new business.

This all helps encourage new customers to trust and buy from you – after all, we all feel better about trying a new product or service if we know that other people like it.

Facebook Ads help bring back lost customers

Here’s how you can turn those pesky abandoned shopping carts into a customer for life.

The Facebook pixel

The pixel is a piece of unique code that’s easy to install on your website. It collects data on the people who visit your site so you can send them tailored ads depending on their actions.

Conversions API

This is an ‘application programme interface’ based on the server-side of your website. Unlike the pixel it isn’t affected by ad blockers so it helps you gather information your pixel can’t reach.

There are so many ways to make Facebook ads work for you, whether you have an e-commerce site, sell through a third-party site, or want to generate more leads for the services you offer.

It can feel a little overwhelming when you first start which is why I recommend investing in the help of an ad specialist.

As an experienced ad manager, I can set up and manage the whole ad process for you, or work with you so that you feel confident to go it alone.

* For ease, I’ve talked about Facebook ads but this includes Instagram ad placement too.


I offer a 'done for you' service

This involves me getting to know your business, your target customer, and your objectives before developing an advertising plan.

I can execute and manage one-off, short term campaigns, work with you on ongoing projects or build evergreen funnels depending on your industry or niche.

Management fees are from £650 per month, plus set up fee and a three month contract is required.

Drop me an email if you would like a copy of my free ebook:

Is my business ready for Facebook (and Instagram) Ads?


Some Client Love:

'The results speak for themselves :

revenue up by 138%, product orders by 323%  and my conversion rate by 218%

in just over 3 months of work.

She has literally helped me to save my business.

Despite a global pandemic.'

Kind words from Artist, Carol Nunan, who worked with me for 3 months in my Refresh & Grow programme.

Some Client Love:


Melissa's knowledge has saved us from unnecessary expenses which would have proved costly in the long term and her broad knowledge of marketing is quite exceptional.

We are not easily impressed but would certainly recommend Wildcurrant.

Andrew Mortimer, Mortimer & Gausden

Some Client Love:


'I would highly recommend Melissa at Wildcurrant.

She was so helpful with my FB ads, knowing how and when to tweak them to get my ideal clients convert into a sales'

Mercedes Evans, Photographer

Some Client Love:


Online sales!

Thanks to learning so much about what I was doing wrong on my socials through all the amazing content you posted this year.

I've compared my web shop sales from Nov/Dec 2019 to Nov/Dec 2020 and I've tripled what I made last year! Thank you!

Evie Milo, Jeweller