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If you want an amazing library of social media posts – content and images, and to feel confident that you are using the right hashtags in Instagram and Stories so that your social media posts are working to grow your business, then this bespoke 4 week course is for you.

We will kick off by having an initial call together either in Zoom or face to face if you are based in Suffolk.

Then, over 4 weeks we will work together.

Every week I will create for you two social media posts (for both Facebook and Instagram) & you will get a video explaining exactly the steps I took to create them.

For your 3rd post each week we will catch up on Zoom and I will guide you through the content you are going to create and walk you through the process step by step.

So by the end of our four weeks together you will  have:

  • the heart of your social media content, with a library of 12 images that you can use every week to grab attention and grow engagement on your social media;
  • you’ll know how to find the correct hashtags for your business and strategy;
  • and you will feel completely confident in not only scheduling your social media page but also to measure your success and know you are getting the results that you need

all so that you know that you are not wasting your time on social media and are sure that you are bringing in those actual clients you want to grow your business.

Your investment:

£375 for the complete 4 weeks course or £325 if you book within one month of joining a Wildcurrant course.

Wildcurrant helps small business, startups and solo entrepreneurs generate an increased income via digital marketing of all types.