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Please email me: melissa@wildcurrant.co.uk

or call 07771 623276

I am based in Shropshire but work UK wide


I founded Wildcurrant in 2018 with the aim of providing the kind of marketing that’s usually only affordable by those large, wellfunded companies.

Over the years I have worked with: Antiques Dealers,  Art Therapists, Arts Venues, , Aesthetic Practitioners, Building Companies, Counsellors, Creators and Craftsmen, in Education, Estate Agents, Fine Artists, Florists and Flower Farmers, Interior Designers, Local Businesses, Self-Catering Businesses, Surveyors…

And you may know me from the Just A Card campaign as I teach and run their Digital Marketing Membership.

Wildcurrant is the friend you didn’t know you needed who can help to grow your business

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Whether you have a strategy in place;

you want to evolve and strengthen your business marketing;

or you are starting from scratch and not sure what the right next step is...

Some Client Love:

'The results speak for themselves :

revenue up by 138%, product orders by 323%  and my conversion rate by 218%

in just over 3 months of work.

She has literally helped me to save my business.

Despite a global pandemic.'

Kind words from Artist, Carol Nunan, who worked with me for 3 months in my Refresh & Grow programme.

Some Client Love:


Melissa's knowledge has saved us from unnecessary expenses which would have proved costly in the long term and her broad knowledge of marketing is quite exceptional.

We are not easily impressed but would certainly recommend Wildcurrant.

Andrew Mortimer, Mortimer & Gausden

Some Client Love:


'I would highly recommend Melissa at Wildcurrant.

She was so helpful with my FB ads, knowing how and when to tweak them to get my ideal clients convert into a sales'

Mercedes Evans, Photographer

Some Client Love:


Online sales!

Thanks to learning so much about what I was doing wrong on my socials through all the amazing content you posted this year.

I've compared my web shop sales from Nov/Dec 2019 to Nov/Dec 2020 and I've tripled what I made last year! Thank you!

Evie Milo, Jeweller