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Hello and welcome.

After over fifteen years of experience as a Marketing Consultant, working with clients in 5* tourism, food & drink, for artists and makers, cultural venues, some of the top antique dealers in London, luxury property, agriculture and education, I started Wildcurrant in 2018 to provide a service for small businesses that needed the type of marketing usually only available to big business with big budgets.


This allowed me to focus on my favourite types of businesses – small businesses, micro-businesses, family-run businesses and startups that bring so much to the communities they serve. Initially, I offered WordPress websites, Social Media Coaching and online courses. Towards the end of 2019, I was invited by Sarah Hamilton, founder of the Just A Card campaign, to come on board to teach her followers about digital marketing through a free Facebook Group.

In 2020 I spent time intensively training to be able to offer Facebook and Instagram advertising too and this is now one of my 4 offerings:

  • WordPress website + eComm
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Coaching

PLUS online social media courses and Masterclasses.

Now in 2021, I’m currently going through my own training to soon be able to offer both Google Ads and Pinterest Ads. A group of fantastic freelancers supplement my expertise and together we create an all-inclusive marketing agency.


Whether you have a strategy in place;

you want to evolve and strengthen your business marketing;

or you are starting from scratch and not sure what the right next step is…

click HERE to book a discovery call with me now

and we can talk it all through and help you work out the best way forward.