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Hello, I am Melissa Critchley and I am a small business marketing consultant. I have been helping small businesses find their way through the marketing maze since 2002.

I’ve worked with many different types of companies including fine artists and craftsmen, top London antique dealers, luxury properties, estate agents, tradesmen, agriculture, education and service and product providers of all types.

I founded Wildcurrant in 2018 to offer my services to smaller companies who need expert advice on marketing but who don’t have corporate budgets.

This allows me to focus on my favourite types of businesses – small rural businesses, micro-businesses, family-run businesses and start-ups all of whom bring so much to the communities that they serve.

Towards the end of 2019, I was invited by Sarah Hamilton, founder of the @JustACard campaign on Instagram, to become the Just a Card Digital Marketing Membership Tutor.

Through Wildcurrant I now offer to clients across the UK:

  • WordPress website design, build and hosting.
  • Digital marketing, including:
    • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    • Social Media Management and training
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO
    • Website auidts
    • 1:1 marketing coaching


Whether you have a strategy in place;

you want to evolve and strengthen your business marketing;

or you are starting from scratch and not sure what the right next step is…

click HERE to book a discovery call with me now

and we can talk it all through and help you work out the best way forward.