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 Hello! I am Melissa and I help small and medium-sized business owners in the creative industries, Interior Design, and Property sectors find the way through the Digital Marketing maze.

Based in Suffolk and Shropshire but with the magic of the internet working UK wide.

Melissa takes away the mystery and the overwhelm I have experienced for years regarding marketing and she has had a significant impact on my online business.

The results speak for themselves - revenue up by 138%, product orders by 323% and my conversion rate by 218% in just over 3 months of work.

She has literally helped me to save my business. Dispite a global pandemic.

Carol Nunan


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Whether you have a strategy in place;


You want to evolve and strengthen your business marketing;


You are starting from scratch and not sure what the right next step is…

click HERE to book a discovery call with me now

and we can talk it all through and help you work out the best way forward.

‘We are not easily impressed but would certainly recommend Wildcurrant.’

We have been working with Melissa at Wildcurrant for some time now.

Her broad knowledge of marketing is quite exceptional.

Over the past few weeks she has patiently taught us many very useful media strategies and in doing so, set our business up for future growth.

In addition, her knowledge has also saved us from unnecessary expense which would have proved costly in the longer term.

We are not easily impressed but would certainly recommend Wildcurrant.

Andrew Mortimer

Mortimer & Gausden, Bury St Edmunds