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The Dandelion Template Website

A five page WordPress website

Fully responsive – a website that looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices


With a free SSL Certificate


Built with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind, to help your clients find you easily on Google and using the Yoast plugin with on page optimisation completed


Linked to your social media platforms to build your audience from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc


2 email addresses set up (if required)


Optional WooCommerce eCommerce for your online shop

PRICE £650 - payable in up to 3 instalments

All websites come with two standard pages - the Home page and the Contact page

Then choose 3 more from this list:


Gallery 1

Gallery 2



Thus creating your 5 page website

Additional pages can be added at £70 each

Options for Selling Online:

WooCommerce - ie an online shop - please add an additional £150. I will upload your first three products and video how I do it, you will then be sent the video to upload your remaining stock.


For those businesses who sell one-offs, or short runs of the exact same product, you could add these to your 4 or 5 page site and linked each to PayPal or Stripe and sell this way at no extra charge from me - email me if you would like more information: melissa@wildcurrant.co.uk


You can personalise this website through your choice of fonts and colours and, of course, your images – they will all look completely different on completion and showcase you and your business. It is possible to remove elements from this template but not add them in.

What I will need from you:

The copy (text) for each page

The images named appropriately (I will explain how to do this)

You own Privacy Policy.

If you would like a selling site then images of 3 of your items which I will upload for you, sending you a video with instructions on how to continue. 

To find out about my bespoke websites and to see examples of my website builds please click HERE

To get as many of you online as quickly as possible I have bought in two extra sets of hands that I completely trust:

Me - Melissa

I will be overseeing the project, building the website, uploading your text and organising the SEO (search engine optimisation)


Cedes is a professional wedding and branding photographer and she will be organising your images, resizing, optimizing and uploading them for you.


International man of mystery, so didn’t want his photo shown but the chap who sorts out getting the site actually live and out there on the web.

We are primed and ready to go!

Extras that you could choose to add on:

Newsletter Integration

Email collection form on the website

Creation of “Thank you for signing up page”

Connection to MailChimp or MailerLite


SEO Booster

Your website connected to:

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

And with the site map submitted to Google


Google My Business

Platform set up


Wildcurrant course on how to get the most from GMB



You will then need Hosting for your website, here are some options:

Basic Hosting

Hosted with Wildcurrant

The client is responsible for all theme and plugin updates which are needed to keep the website safe from hackers

£5 per month

Managed Hosting

Daily Back-Ups

WordPress, Framework & Plugins updated

Website security included

£15 per month


As Managed Hosting but


1 hour monthly POWER HOUR with me each month for either general marketing advice or updating and changes to website

£75 per month



50% (£325) is due when booking you website build as a non refundable deposit.

Once booked I will contact you to check if you wish to add on any Add Ons.

You then collate all the text and images you wish to use

(you will be provided with a guide explaining the best way to this and with lots of tips)

Once you are ready to hand over the text and the images 25% of the remainder owed becomes due.

With the final 25% due once the site is ready and before it is sent live.

The monthly charge for website hosting becomes due as soon as the site is live.

If you would like to see examples of other websites I have built recently please follow this link to my main website page – but please note that these are bespoke builds and not build with the Dandelion template.




FAQ – I’ll add to these as more questions arise.

When do I pay the £325?

You book your place in the build queue by paying the £325 using the ‘Buy Now’ button. 

How do I pay for any Add Ons

Once you have purchased your website I will get you booked in and set up and you can let me know if you’d like any extras and I’ll invoice you for them separately and this invoice becomes due once your text and images are ready and before the build begins.

Will we have a contract?

Yes, indeed we will 😄